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Notice to those about to Graduate or Recent Graduates of Respiratory Therapy Education Programs

The College and Association of Respiratory Therapists of Alberta (CARTA) wishes to give notice that they will begin accepting applications for registration from recent graduates of Canadian and American Respiratory Therapy education programs commencing at 08:00 hours on Monday April 5, 2021.

The CARTA registrar, deputy registrar and registration committee will process and issue all decisions on all applications for registration in a timely manner. After receiving a complete applications, decisions are issued within any prescribed maximum time limit by any international, national, or provincial authority.

  • 120 days pursuant with section 30(5) of the Health Professions Act (the Act) in Alberta,
  • 6 months pursuant with section 6 of the Fair Registration Practices Act in Alberta,
  • 4 months pursuant with the Lisbon Convention, 2010 Revised Recommendation on Criteria and Procedures for the Assessment of Foreign Qualifications,48 in paragraph 16.

College Goal

Our goal is to protect the public and public interest by conducting comprehensive due diligence exercises required to determine that all applicants meet all the registration requirements pursuant with the Respiratory Therapists Profession Regulation in an objective, fair, transparent, and timely manner.

Given the mandatory registration section 46 of the Act we recognize that employment is contingent on receiving a provisional practice permit and we make every attempt to issue permits within a reasonable period of time after receiving a complete application.

New This Year!

  1. Due to pandemic circumstances no estimates on when decisions on applications will be provided to applicants. All decisions will fully comply within the timelines required by provincial legislation,
  2. Submission of digital documents are not acceptable. Due to multiple problems encountered sending and receiving digital documents last year all applicants must now submit original documents via surface mail preferably using trackable Canada Express Post envelopes. No digital documents will be accepted this year.
  3. Due to pandemic circumstances no personal or courier deliveries are accepted by operations staff at the Calgary office. All documents must be mailed to the office,
  4. Hard copy academic transcripts must be sent by surface mail by the registrar’s office of the school applicants graduated from. Due to previous authentication challenges no digital academic transcripts are acceptable from registrar’s offices,
  5. Do not call the office for an update of the application status. All application status information is provided exclusively by electronic mail from CARTA to the applicant only,

Contents of Electronic Confirmation of Application

After submitting an online application for registration all applicants will receive an automated electronic mail notification that contains a comprehensive checklist of all of the documents that are required to be submitted by the applicant (no exceptions). It is the responsibility of the applicant to know what documents they have submitted to support their application.

Processing Applications

We cannot provide any guidance with confidence regarding individual application processing times. Internal processing when possible is typically performed on a first come first served basis. Exceptions frequently occur which impact processing applications such as staggered graduation dates for cohorts of students, time taken by applicants to collect and submit the documentation, time taken by applicants to follow the electronic mail instructions from CARTA etc.

Once all the required documentation are received, the applications are considered to be complete and the times in which the legislation expects you to receive a decision will be established.

In previous years on average, it has taken applicants over 18 business days to submit all required documentation and the schools sending the academic transcript. Typically, the CARTA can process all documentation within 2 business days of receipt if the applicant follows all the electronic mail instructions.

Plan for delays related to the following:

  1. submission and processing of academic transcript requests to Registrar’s offices,
  2. mail service delays due to Covid-19 safety protocols,
  3. time taken to submit payment of the registration fees. You cannot practice illegally first and then pay your registration fees with your first pay-cheque,
  4. making an appointment with a public notary for purposes of notarizing the attestation,
  5. time taken to obtain a police information (criminal records) check that includes the vulnerable sector within 90 days preceding submission of the application for registration,
  6. Submitting legible original documents.

How will the Public and Employers Know I am Registered?

The CARTA website contains an online register for regulated members on the provisional and general registers. It displays the regulated member’s first name, last name, registration number whether you are provisional or active on the general register and whether conditions exist on the permit or not only. No details about conditions are displayed on the website. Employers are encouraged to ask to inspect practice permits of new employees and frequently ask for it as part of their new employee onboarding procedures.

Once CARTA confirms remittance of your $225.00 credit card payment for registration fees your name will display on the website and a provisional practice permit will be mailed by regular surface mail to the address you provided on your application form.

It is very important to inform the CARTA Registrar by electronic mail if your mailing address changes after submitting an application for registration. Any incorrect addresses e.g., no postal code will contribute to delays for you to receive your practice permit (license to practice).If you inspect the register on the web-site and haven’t received your practice permit after 7 days of viewing your name on the web-site please e-mail the registrar using request practice permit in the subject line.

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